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How We Started

Nimbis Services is a trusted name in collaborative, secure cloud computing. Nimbis Services' products and services are ever-evolving with unique capabilities, supporting both DoD microelectronics and Smart Manufacturing supply chains. We pride ourselves in establishing strategic partnerships and alliances to perform R&D and create products to address industry challenges. Nimbis Services… "Where the sky is the limit for innovation." 

Nimbis Services and the Technical Computing Marketplace

Nimbis Services was founded in 2008 by Robert Graybill and Brian Schott. Nimbis Services is a trusted name in collaborative, secure, high-performance cloud computing, building communities for design, modeling, simulation, and analytics in the cloud.

Driven by customer demand, its e-commerce products and services are ever-evolving with unique capabilities that provide secure and collaborative multi-organization, multi-site cloud based communities of interest which include: community inspired marketplaces of applications, libraries, engineering application workflows, IP and diverse data. Collaborative cloud platforms are now available for DoD microelectronics and Smart Manufacturing supply chain communities.

As a neutral cloud services broker, Nimbis Services is rapidly expanding to offer a family of collaborative cloud communities of interest creating distinctive opportunities for software, engineering application workflows, workflow IoT, and process workflow providers to innovate in a protected and reliable environment with end-users uninhibited by existing IT silos or insufficient IT cloud expertise.


How We Can Help

  • Nimbis Services acts as a clearinghouse for buyers and sellers of technical computing services.
  • Nimbis Services provides pre-negotiated access to high performance cloud computing services, software, and expertise from the leading compute time vendors, independent software vendors, and domain experts.
  • Nimbis Services partners with the world’s leading cloud computing service companies to provide users with a choice growing menu of pre-qualified cloud providers, independent software vendors, domain experts, and regional solution providers, delivered on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.
  • Nimbis Services makes it easier and more affordable for desktop users to access technical computing for faster results and superior products and solutions.
  • Nimbis Services enables the manufacturing supply chain to drive productivity, cost-efficiency, and innovation.


We are experts in cloud computing,
high-performance computing, cloud
security, data analytics, R&D, end-user
support, and cyber operations. Nimbis
Services is building a marketplace for
technical computing and growing a diverse
user community since 2008.

Executive Team

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Robert B. Graybill

Robert is responsible for leading the
company, strategic development and
and executing its mission to serve our
DoD and commercial cloud user communities. 
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Brian F. Schott

Brian is responsible for leading the strategy for
technical architectures, platforms, and systems
used to serve our DoD and commercial customers. Read more 


What They Say About
Our Services

“The Nimbis platform acts as a one-stop collaboration shop for software applications, computing cycles and expertise.”
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