Nimbis Services Announces New HPC Partnership with Nimbix


July 7, 2016 

Robert Graybill

Nimbis proudly announces partnership with Nimbix, Inc., a leading pure High Performance Computing (HPC) cloud provider offering systems built for volume, speed, and simplicity.  In this partnership, Nimbis will pair Simulia Portfolio software with Nimbix’ HPC cloud platform; a pre-configured optimized solution with access to a user-friendly Abaqus compute remote desktop application via their JARVICE supercomputer platform.


Nimbis & Nimbix will soon offer package bundles of short and long-term Simulia Software with HPC cloud cycles in North America.  Both Nimbix and Nimbis promote pay-as-you-go, and have built their business model on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS).  Both companies focus on saving time and money by reducing the need to invest in development and infrastructure.

“We are proud to announce our joint partnership between Nimbis Services and Nimbix” says Don Allen, Vice President of Channels and Alliances at Nimbix.  “We believe this integration is a perfect fit for customers that need to marry high performance compute and scalability as a platform with purpose-built cloud and Abaqus licensing provided by Nimbis for ease-of-use and pay-as-you-go effectiveness.  The partnership and integration between Nimbix and Nimbis combines two powerful technology companies that provide customers with a new approach to exceeding their business needs in a meaningful and effective way.”

“Nimbis Services, a neutral broker of cloud computing services, is pleased in joining with Nimbix to offer turnkey modeling and simulation options that can leverage Nimbix’ GPU accelerators.”
Robert Graybill, President & CEO, Nimbis Services


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