News >> NIMBIS BLOG: Manufacturing, Modeling and Data Analytics Collaboration: What does the future hold?

NIMBIS BLOG: Manufacturing, Modeling and Data Analytics Collaboration: What does the future hold?


July 21, 2016

Robert Graybill

Robert Graybill and the Nimbis team have written the latest AweSim blog post! The post focuses on the future of manufacturing modeling and data analytics collaboration and how AweSim fits in: Where it’s going, how it can get there and how we can engage moving forward. 

Future of Manufacturing Modeling and Data Analytics

In today’s tech world, everyone is either using or seriously considering computing to optimize their product designs or manufacturing processes. A number of recent blog posts have discussed the benefits of modeling and simulation. In addition, in the context of AweSim, unique modeling and simulation solutions or opportunities targeting small- to medium-sized business to operate without high infrastructure and computing costs and risk have been outlined. AweSim’s approach delivers low-risk, low-cost access to remote desktop software tools and to specialized domain applications (apps). Continue Reading


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