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AMI Appoints SMLC Strategic Advisory Council and BoD


March 30, 2021

Dan Nagy



Clearwater, FL — March 30, 2020. Advanced Manufacturing International, Inc. (AMI), a Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group, Inc. (MTDG) subsidiary, proudly announces the appointments to the Strategic Advisory Council and Board of Directors of its Smart Manufacturing Leadership Consortium (SMLC) business unit.

As a membership organization, AMI’s SMLC is guided by its Strategic Advisory Council, which is comprised of leading experts in smart technologies from throughout industry. The Advisory works closely with both the Board and the Managing Director.

“Today’s announcement of the appointments to the SMLC Strategic Advisory Council, Board of Directors, and Managing Director is an important milestone for AMI,” said AMI CEO and National Academy Member Dr. Stephan Biller.

“With our SMLC affiliation complete and these appointments filled, we can now focus on the needs of our membership by empowering their organizations with the transformative potential of smart manufacturing technologies.”

The Strategic Advisory Council works in conjunction with the membership community, sharing ideas and strategies for the Advisory to consider, adopt, and deploy. The inaugural Advisory is led by Chair Michelle Pastel, Sr. Manager of Manufacturing 4.0, Corning Incorporated and Vice Chair Lance Fountaine, Global Operations Automation, Digitalization, & Analytics Leader, Cargill, Inc. Other Advisory appointees from the SMLC member community include:    

  • Robert Graybill, CEO, Nimbis Services, Inc.          
  • Larry Megan, PhD, Vice President of Product Development, AMI          
  • Doug Stevens, Principal, Finkelstein Consulting, Inc.        
  • Denise Swink, Principal, Swink Consulting     
  • Jim Wetzel, Co-Founder, NxGen Group LLC

The Board of Directors, along with the Managing Director, oversees the operations and resource allocation for programs and activities. The Board is led by Chair Dean L. Bartles, Ph.D., FSME, FASME, MTDG President and CEO, with MTDG Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Gene Berkebile serving as Secretary and Treasurer. Also serving on the Board are:

  • George Barnych, MTDG Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
  • Stephan Biller, Ph.D., MTDG Chief Strategic Officer and AMI President and CEO

Additionally, AMI Vice President of Business Development Dan Nagy has been named the Managing Director. Mr. Nagy will work with the Advisory and the Board to help members integrate digital transformative technologies, align business goals, improve manufacturing operations and supply chains, increase membership collaboration opportunities, and drive innovation.

“It is a privilege to lead and work with this industry-led consortium to accelerate the adoption of smart manufacturing technologies,” said Mr. Nagy.

“Peer-to-peer interactions can rapidly manifest innovative solutions to the implementation challenges that many organizations face. With AMI’s and SMLC’s combined synergies, I believe we can make a significant contribution to realizing a fully digitally transformed manufacturing industry.”

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