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Manufacturing Service Portal Expertise as a Service Portal (MEAAS)


Technical expertise solution that matches computing, software, and expertise resources from labs, specialists and universities to assist industry.



Implement a Cloud Marketplace

A series of national innovation reports, surveys, and case studies sponsored by the Council on Competitiveness, University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute, industry groups, and government agencies uncovered inadequate adoption of high performance computing (HPC) technology in business because of a pervasive lack of expertise on the technologies associated with HPC (hardware, system software, and applications) and an inability for companies to determine HPC’s potential return on investment (ROI) for their business. In addition it was found that companies partnering with academic and laboratory HPC centers achieved breakthrough discoveries and consider the centers a national hidden gem that should be promoted far more aggressively to U.S. businesses.

The Nimbis Services, Inc. proposed approach is the implementation of a cloud marketplace “Manufacturing Expertise-as-a-Service” (MEaaS) that matches available computing, software, and human expertise resources with an initial focus on DOE national laboratory’s technology and experts with a natural expansion to include consulting firms, individuals, other government laboratories, academic centers and nonprofit manufacturing centers to assist industry in solving their real world problems using state of the art tools and resources”.



Manufacturing Expertise-as-a-Service Portal

The rapid growth of the internet as a global innovation stimulant has already demonstrated what happens when the barriers to information are lowered. MEaaS has the potential of creating the next wave of innovation by unlocking the human capital (expertise) beyond the boundaries of just large companies, academic, and laboratories in solving real world problems.


Department of Energy

Small Business Innovation Research Project
Phase 1


Increasing Adoption of HPC Modeling in the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Industries

Provide Cloud Marketplace for Manufacturing Expertise-as-a-Service

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