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System Modeling & Digital Analysis Ecosystem (SMDAE)


A turnkey HPC modeling and simulation solution that enables an “artisan process” of digital experimentation appropriate for “missing-middle” manufacturing companies.



Develop a Commercial Turnkey HPC Solution

Foundational studies of desktop-bound technical computing users, referred to as the “missing-middle” of the High Performance Computing (HPC) market, have identified the lack of simple software, limited access to technical talent, and difficulty in estimating the return on investment (ROI) as critical challenges in the adoption of HPC among small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The complexity and rigid organizational structure of these tools are a mismatch for companies that traditionally rely on shared “tribal knowledge” and follow an “artisan process” of physical experimentation rather than digital simulation.

The proposed solution is to develop a commercial a turnkey HPC solution that enables an “artisan process” of digital experimentation more appropriate for the “missing middle” manufacturing. Nimbis Services will partner with the University of Southern California to develop a turnkey HPC service for small and medium-sized engineering and manufacturing firms based on Wolfram Research recently released component flow based SystemModeler and Mathematica for interactive visualization and statistical analysis hosted on the Nimbis ecommerce on-demand technical computing “marketplace”.



System Modeling & Digital Analysis Ecosystem

The SMDAE enables small and medium sized U.S. companies to access on-demand pay-as-you-go HPC systems and software that reduces the up-front investment required for manufacturers to experiment with HPC-driven modeling and simulation and allows these companies to gradually increase their investment in technology as they see a return. On-demand access to scalable high performance computing and revolutionary system-level modeling and simulation tool SystemModeler combined with easy-to-use front-end capability in Mathematica gives small and medium-sized firms the same competitive advantage currently enjoyed by large corporations that have the resources to sustain an in-house digital manufacturing enterprise.


Department of Energy

Small Business Innovation Research Project


Increasing Adoption of HPC Modeling in the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Industries

Turnkey HPC Solutions for Manufacturing and Engineering

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