Nimbis Services offers highly skilled resources to address unique customer needs.  A summary of the Service Offerings is listed below. 

Senior Security System Architect
The Senior Security System Architect has extensive experience with DoD IA specific technologies such as HBSS, ACAS/Nessus, and McAfee EndPoint and shall:

  • Evaluate, identify or resolve highly complex issues to prevent cyberattacks on information systems.
  • Architect and implement measures to ensure network systems are secure from theft of sensitive customer data or service interruptions. 
  • Design, install, and manage security mechanisms that protect networks against security breaches.
  • Advise or lead individuals supporting the IT infrastructure.

DevOps Engineer
The DevOps Engineer has experience with Linux client-side and server-side technologies, DevOps automation tools, cloud platform services, applications and programming and shall:

  • Perform tasks such as program design, coding, testing, debugging or documentation. 
  • Support all phases of applications systems analysis and programming. 
  • Participate in the definition and implementation of the project.

Senior DevOps Engineer
The Senior DevOps Engineer has extensive experience and technical knowledge. The Senior DevOps Engineer shall:

  • Act as technical lead overseeing the DevOps team.
  • Perform tasks such as program design, coding, testing, debugging or documentation. 
  • Define the technical direction of project. 
  • Evaluate and install hardware, software, and services. 
  • Interact with the customer to define requirements and deliverables.

Associate Project Manager
The Associate Project Manager has experience managing projects and shall:

  • Develop and maintain the project plan. 
  • Manage project progress, milestones and communicate project status.
  • Review project proposals to determine staffing requirements, schedule, budget 
  • Coordinate efforts for each phase of project. 
  • Develop, manage, and maintain an issue list and change orders.

Subject Matter Expert
The Subject Matter Expert has extensive industry experience in systems and security architecture, high performance computing, microelectronics, and smart manufacturing. The Subject Matter Expert shall:

  • Interpret customer requirements and specifications. 
  • Provide technical, managerial, and administrative direction in the relevant subject matter. 

Senior Consultant
The Senior Consultant has more than 10 years industry experience in areas such as systems and cloud architectures, high performance computing, applications and security.  The Senior Consultant shall:

  • Perform a variety of high-level system architecture, design and integration tasks.
  • Identify the framework for implementation of core design features and functions.  
  • Supervise a team of engineers through project completion.  

Senior Products Consultant
The Senior Products Consultant is an expert in the total solution consisting of hardware, software, applications, and networks. The Senior Products Consultant shall:

  • Perform a variety of system architecture, design and integration tasks.  
  • Provide consulting on future direction and trends. 

Support Administrator
The Support Administrator provides customer support and shall:

  • Respond to customer issues and inquiries.
  • Identify alternative solutions.
  • Manage and maintain support database.
  • Document and track customer interactions.

Nimbis Service Offerings may be procured directly from Nimbis or through the GSA Schedule.


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