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Nimbis Services Product Offerings

Nimbis Services has three TSS product offerings:
1.    TSS-DTE
The TSS-DTE product offering is for customers who do not have ITAR sensitive information and would like to use domain.
The TSS-DTE-ITAR product offering is for customers that require added security for ITAR-restricted data and need to use the domain.
The TSS-DTE-ATO product offering is for customers that require an Authority-To-Operate (ATO) cloud environment and will be using the domain.
Nimbis Services offers flexibility in licensing the TSS-DTE platform by offering both a monthly or annual subscription license. Customers may procure a license to the TSS-DTE directly from Nimbis Services or through the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule. TSS-DTE licensing includes the following features:

1.    Six (6) seats (user licenses) to the TSS-DTE platform
2.    Standard Support
Standard Support consists of:
1.    Online web support via trouble ticket submission
2.    Access to Updates made generally available
3.    Onboarding of one (1) software application on the TSS-DTE platform
4.    One half (½) day training/demo session
Nimbis Services also offers the following TSS-DTE platform add-ons for an additional fee:
1.    Enterprise Support
2.    Extended Support
3.    Cloud Hosting Credits
Enterprise Support provides customers additional support beyond what Standard Support offers.  TSS Enterprise Support includes:
1.    Online web support via trouble ticket submission
2.    Access to Updates and Upgrades made generally available
3.    Up to 500 person hours of onboarding of multiple software applications, tools, and data on the TSS-DTE platform
4.    Two half (½) day training/demo sessions
5.    TSS-DTE project configuration and setup support
Extended Support provides customers support after hours during weekdays and weekends. Extended Support may be procured monthly or annually.  Extended Support is not available to customers that have not procured the Enterprise Support package.
Cloud Hosting Credits provide customers with credits to be applied to cloud hosting services fees such as Vcpu compute hour usage, cloud storage, cloud data transfer, and other cloud utilities and services. Nimbis Services offers the following cloud hosting credit increments:  $10K, $30K, $50K, and $100K to provide flexibility for customers licensing TSS monthly or on an annual basis. Nimbis Services shall procure, manage, and support the cloud hosting services as specified by the customer. The customer will receive a monthly report summarizing the cloud service fees incurred in the prior month along with the remaining balance available.