Trusted Silicon Stratus

A Shared

The Trusted Silicon Stratus - Distributed Transition Environment
is a shared community workspace for chip designers with a
collaborative experience for analog, digital, and mixed-signal
design teams spanning organizational boundaries.

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Nimbis Services offers a trusted and secure, reliable cloud platform in a collaborative way for users to exchange workflows throughout the microelectronics lifecycle.

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Nimbis Services’ capabilities and expertise addresses cyber-security and strives to provide technical support with a dedicated Responsive Operations Center team.

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The cloud-based platform enhances team collaboration by allowing users the ability to do digital design workflows in an integrated circuit design environment.




This is Trusted Silicon Stratus
Explore Trusted Silicon Stratus Product Offerings

Nimbis Services has three product offerings for accessing the platform. Learn which product offering fits best for your company needs. Subscriptions vary monthly or annually.

What is Trusted Silicon Stratus?

Nimbis Services develops and operates a secure Trusted Silicon Stratus, a collaborative cloud platform and marketplace specifically supporting the trusted and assured microelectronics life-cycle for the Department of Defense and aerospace defense contractor community and is an approved microelectronics cloud platform. It provides a secure cloud service for government agencies to design integrated circuits for electronic weaponry in a private cloud community.

Beforehand, many engineers had independent silos on desktop computing, long wait times for software to be installed and licensed, low compute capacities and so forth. There were also many acute vulnerabilities to the microelectronics lifecycle that put the industry in major jeopardy of data comprises.

Now, the Trusted Silicon Stratus cloud software platform product addresses the cyber-security concerns of the DoD and aerospace communities by tightly integrating with vulnerability, risk assessment and data provenance tracking tools such as block chain. There are multiple security levels for accessing the Trusted Silicon Stratus. For a more detailed look at the service offerings please visit this link.

As a cloud “agnostic” provider, Trusted Silicon Stratus can work with any cloud service provider, hosted namely Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Since Trusted Silicon Stratus is a neutral cloud services broker, there are far-ranging capabilities like communities of interest for libraries, APP workflows, IP and diverse data – all which are uninhibited by existing IT silos or insufficient IT cloud expertise.

What’s behind Trusted Silicon Stratus?

With a log in and a few clicks, users can work on a virtual machine and get busy with their chip design functions. Users manage desktop settings from a web dashboard. They use tools that are embedded in the web browser to start a simulation, come back later, and the server will be there working. Trusted Silicon Stratus is managed and shared in design repositories.

Another great aspect to Trusted Silicon Stratus is collaboration. Managers can setup multiple organizations or teams within their account and the teams are invited by email. Organizations can share a common pool of resources with user-level access controls.

For more information on how TSS fits your business needs, please visit the TSS Product Offerings for details.

Three sites offering
three big impacts

The Trusted Silicon Stratus is comprised of three
related hosted domains targeted at different users
within the trust community.

Commercial and Academic Cloud

The is intended for academia and commercial organizations not traditionally affiliated with the Department of Defense and unable to work within a security-restricted domain.

Restricted Cloud

The is an ITAR restricted version of the site intended for commercial and contractor organizations developing export-controlled tools and data.

Government Cloud

The is the Authority-to-Operate certified version of the site intended for the U.S. Department of Defense personnel and contractors. ATO is managed by the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL). The site is hosted within Amazon GovCloud (US) limited to U.S. persons. The site is run and funded through R&D channels by the AFRL.