The Trusted Silicon Stratus (TSS) is a multi-tenancy, collaborative, microelectronics Supply Chain Risk Management system that provisions a Design-to-Release and Operational Life Cycle cloud ecosystem. The TSS platform enables multi-site communities and end-users to collaborate and innovate in a trusted, secure, reliable workflow environment. Additionally it is technology agnostic, thus enabling it to host a multitude of application workflows ranging from semiconductor chip design, application programming, smart manufacturing, and workforce development. Key benefits include:

     • IT Infrastructure
     • Ready-to-go Marketplace
     • Security
     • Multi-cloud capability
     • Revision/version control
     • Data management repositories
     • Hardware emulation support
     • Risk analysis tools
     • Provenance tracking
     • Authority to Operate (ATO)

TSS Distributed Transition Environment (TSS-DTE)

The TSS-DTE platform is the strategic design platform for the defense industrial base.  The TSS-DTE implements a common set of practices and guidelines to enhance trust, assurance, and protection of data and IP. The TSS-DTE provides added flexibility for Nimbis partners to implement additional proprietary security measures as well as ensuring confidentiality.

The TSS-DTE is composed of three related hosted domains targeted at different users within the trust community. The TSS-DTE architecture and implementation are identical in each of the domains. They differ only in users as described below. is intended for academia and commercial organizations not traditionally affiliated with the DoD and unable to work within an ITAR-restricted domain. This domain offers the following:
o    available for US and non-US persons;  
o    limited availability of trust tools;
o    hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) commercial public cloud; and
o    supports two-factor authentication. is the ITAR-restricted version intended for commercial and contractor organizations developing export-controlled tools and data. This domain offers the following:
o    available for U.S. persons only;
o    tools subject to STIG hardening;
o    hosted on Amazon GovCloud (U.S.); and
o    requires two-factor authentication. is the ATO certified version intended for DoD personnel and contractors. This domain offers the following:
o    available to U.S. persons only;
o    hosted on Amazon GovCloud (U.S.); and
o    requires two-factor authentication with DoD CAC card or equivalent approved device; and
o    tools subject to STIG hardening, security scanning and assessment prior to hosting



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