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Nimbis Services Announces DS-Simulia Expansion


June 28, 2016

Robert Graybill

Nimbis’ VAR distribution agreement with Dassault Systemés was recently revised to include expansion of Geographic Area and Simulia Portfolio of Products.


Nimbis’ VAR distribution agreement with Dassault Systemés was recently revised to include expansion of the following:

  • Geographic Area – now serving all states within the United States of America and Canada
  • Simulia Portfolio of Products – continued offering of Abaqus FEA; now offering fe-safe, Isight, and Tosca

While Abaqus, Tosca, fe-safe, and Isight are separate programs – and still available as such – Simulia has unified the licensing through an extended packaging offering.  Now you can have interactive access to all of Simulia’s model-building, visualization, and pre- and post-solution processors through a single pool of Abaqus/CAE Extended Tokens.  More importantly, this also gives you the full-solution capability of these programs (Abaqus, Tosca Structure, Tosca Fluid, fe-safe, and Isight) even if only one product is purchased.  The worth of your simulation investment is amplified through immediate access to every core technology in the Simulia portfolio. 

Nimbis will continue to offer cloud solutions of these products and others to customers throughout the country via secure remote connection with our compute partners.


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