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A Message from Our CEO Robert Graybill on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response



Changes Happen

The world is facing a major disruption in daily life and a lot of uncertainties due to COVID-19. At Nimbis Services, we want to sincerely thank the hard work of emergency responders, doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, and other essential workers who have been on the frontlines in helping people during this challenging time.

Health and safety are a high priority at Nimbis Services during the COVID-19 situation. Our team works virtually across 9 states to address client support, R&D, project management, and business growth on a variety of high visibility projects for the DoD.

Thankfully, the disruption has not disrupted us. Our business model is groundbreaking and collaborative cloud computing; it is an exciting wave to ride despite the times. As we continue to monitor the re-opening efforts of each state and make decisions based upon their recommendations, we strive to address new and existing projects and will continue to deliver on our contractual obligations.

Nimbis Services’ mission of lowering the barriers for desktop technical computing users to HPC-driven modeling, simulation, and data analytics are success factors. We have seen the success of our flagship technology – the Trusted Silicon Stratus – which creates a virtual collaborative team environment. There are over 1,300 users logged on since 2018 and who continue addressing top priorities for the DoD today.

We continue to break silos and help users perform well in a virtual shared workspace. Our strong alignment with the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) has enabled key stakeholders to continue accomplishing critical engineering work remotely through the TSS environment during these times.

As a result, the transition to 100 percent work-from-home is simply a matter of not going to the office. It’s business as usual, with the same experience and performance. One AFRL user said TSS made it possible for teams to carry out their essential tasks and that the Nimbis’ support team has worked diligently with maintaining the integrity of the cloud design environment while continuing to fulfill users’ requests. The client feedback has shown us that despite COVID-19 obstacles, TSS has remained active and stable and has enabled work to continue during times when many are working from home.

There is a lot of new technology and opportunities for tools and workflows that will expand our work and expertise in the coming new year. In the meantime, I want to share my deepest thanks to the talented team and applaud their resiliency. I am optimistic and excited for the road ahead at Nimbis Services.

Robert Graybill 

CEO, Nimbis Services



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